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Avaya 4602SW SIP Phone vulnerable to server impersonation

Vulnerable Products

 Avaya 4602 SW IP Phone (Model 4602D02A)


 An active attacker may hijack the call and compromise confidentiality of VoIP communication. This vulnerability is non-patchable.

 Risk level





 Avaya 4602SW IP phone does not enforce server authentication using cnonce parameter during MD5 digest authentication potentially allowing an attacker to impersonate the server

 An active or man-in-the-middle attacker may impersonate the server and hijack communication between the un-suspecting phone and server. Attacker may then be able to listen to confidential conversations.

 Fixed Software

 Phone SIP stack implementations should be patched enforce server authentication. As a best practice, TLS with mutual authentication should be used. Avaya does not enforce server authentication. Vulnerable systems should be patched.


 Redshift Networks UCTM, has a signature detection and protection for critical IP- Voice, Video, Unified Communications & Collaborative networks and applications. In this special case, UCTM can prevent SIP signaling that neither originates nor is directed to a registered SIP proxy or server, and can prevent SIP signaling from networks in which no SIP enabled device should exist.  This events remote attacks that take advantage of this vulnerability. For more information on RedShift Networks, please go to

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